Are you struggling to hire ecommerce talent?

Are you struggling to hire ecommerce talent?

If you're a small to medium business, you probably know this: The ecommerce talent market is tight.

Skilled ecommerce managers, ecommerce directors, and ecommerce operations professionals are hard to come by.

Why is ecommerce so hard to hire for?

Ecommerce isn't taught in university or college. Surprising right? Given the hundreds of millions in revenue that ecommerce can generate for a business, there is no formal degree, and ecom success requires considerable knowledge. 

I (Joel) studied business and marketing, and "fell" into ecommerce in the late 2000's as businesses began to sell things online. Over the past 10+ years my knowledge and experience has been built organically. My colleagues in the ecommerce space have a similar story.

Compounding the lack of structured education for ecommerce is that there is generally only 1 ecommerce manager on a team (unless you're doing over $100 million). This means in a city that has, say 10 brands that do over $100m, there's only 10 experienced ecommerce managers. Compared to marketing, you have hundreds if not thousands of marketing folks in a similar market. Getting those 10 ecom managers to leave their current companies for your small-medium business is... very tough.

How do I hire ecommerce talent then?

When I was an ecommerce manager, I'd hire non-ecommerce talent with complementary skills that I could mentor and train over the years to grow into those roles. It indeed takes years to become an expert at ecommerce (or anything).

Complicating ecommerce hiring is retention. Once you have a great ecommerce manager or director of ecommerce, they become a target for all those other brands with big budgets. Retention strategies (like unlimited vacation, remote work, spending accounts, etc) are equally important to retain ecom talent once you have it.

Can I hire you to build/mentor my team?

Yes! In fact, we are much cheeper than hiring a Director of Ecommerce ($120-$150k) or Ecommerce Manager ($80-$120k). We create this value starting at $5,100/mo. We build out teams, training and mentoring them over the years to grow their skillsets and knowledge.

As we are an agency, you don't have to worry about us getting poached by the big brands! We're focused on long term growth.

Ok how do we work together?

Let's have a chat! Drop us a note here and we'll find a time to learn more about your business.