Have you launched a new ecom site? Watch out for this.

Have you launched a new ecom site? Watch out for this.

You hired someone to build out your ecommerce experience and have launched your site.

Congratulations, now beware of the drop of death!

The drop of death occurs a couples months after launching your site when your focus returns back to the areas of the business that interest you. Without any attention, your ecommerce "drops" in traffic, orders, conversion, you name it!

"But I thought ecommerce runs itself?"

This is a common fallacy of ecommerce. Ecommerce is like a physical business. If the lights are on but nobody is staffing the store, the business won't generate revenue.

"Can't I get my cousin/assistant/coordinator to run my ecommerce?"

Would you let them run the profitability of your current business? Ecommerce requires a business mind with qualified experience to incrementally grow it. You need an Ecommerce Expert to ensure the new channel you've just invested in matures into positive ROI.

"Ok, so how do I get results from my ecommerce?"

Invest in it continually. Hire a Shopify Partner like us or an Ecommerce Director who has the experience growing an ecommerce business (hint: we're more affordable). By applying focus, energy and execution to your ecommerce channel, it will have the best chance of growth.

Expert Partners

With every new build we undertake, we provide a monthly Success Retainer to work with you as your expert partner to mature your initial investment. We'll partner with you to provide the insights, strategy, and experience needed to help you grow your business.

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