BC Website Grant (Launch Online)

Get a $10,000 ecommerce website for only $2,500


With the 2021 BC Launch Online grant program, eligible BC-based business receive 75% of the costs to launch or substantially improve their ecommerce website.

We'll write the grant for you FOR FREE, and if approved, you'll receive $7,500 to put towards our $10,000 cost to expand your ecommerce experience.

You'll get $10,000 value for only $2,500 (your actual cost) thanks to the Launch Online grant.

Funds are limited and approved on a first come, first serve basis.

Is Your Business Eligible?

If you meet the following criteria, you qualify to submit an application for the grant:

  • The business is owned by a BC resident(s)
  • The business’s sole or primary operations are located in BC
  • The business:
    • Is currently operating
    • Is registered in BC
    • Employs 1-149 BC residents
    • Pays taxes in BC
    • Maintains a
      • Federal business number
      • GST number
      • PST and WorkSafeBC number (if applicable)
    • Generated sales of more than $30,000 in the past year
  • Must use a BC-based ecommerce service supplier to conduct the work (we are a BC-based ecommerce service supplier!)

How long does the application take?

1) Once we've gathered the basic application info from you, it only take us a day to submit the application.

2) Application approval takes up to 3 weeks.

3) You'll receive an email once the grant application is approved and receive the $7,500 grant in 1-3 weeks.

Once Approved, Then What?

1) We'll send you a Scope of Work document to sign that outlines the work we'll do.

2) We'll get started on building you a Shopify Ecommerce site or upgrading your existing one if it's missing core functionality. This usually takes 1-2 months.

3) After launch, we provide ongoing Ecommerce Expertise for an affordable monthly retainer to ensure you build the momentum needed for success.

There's NO RISK or fee in submitting the Grant Application. We will submit your grant application for FREE... with the request that you hire us if your grant is approved!


  • Can I use the grant funds myself or for something else? No, the program is tightly audited to ensure the funds actually go towards your ecommerce site
  • Can I apply if my business is not registered or is not located in BC? No, this is for registered BC businesses who made greater than $30,000 last year.
  • Are Grant Funds taxable? Yes, they are considered income however spending them is an expense, so consult your tax professional.
  • Can I read more information? Yes, download the grant fact sheet here.

There are LIMITED FUNDS that are dispersed on a first come, first served basis. Applications close September 30, 2021 so submit your interest ASAP.