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Hi, I'm Joel, founder of AKOMI, a retail ecommerce marketing agency.

I've spent 10+ years working in retail ecommerce for small (<$1m) and large (>$500m) retail brands. Today, I run Akomi Ecommerce Experts, an ecommerce agency specializing in advising and leading retail brands through the complex landscape of ecommerce.

We provide expert ecommerce advisory on the strategy, technology, product, marketing, fulfillment, and team skills needed to be successful.

If you need an ecommerce agency, reach out for an assessment call.

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Ecommerce Agency Services

Starter Plan

For small Shopify businesses that generate under $500k in annual ecommerce revenues, a Starter Plan gets you going with the essentials for ecom success:

An Ecommerce MiniMap Strategy outlining what ecommerce areas need the most focus for growth.

6 Months of Ecommerce Management & Advisory from our expert Retail Advisors where we'll work with you on your growth projects.

Investment: $2,500 first month, then $1,500/mo for 6 months.

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Growth Plan

For ecommerce businesses that have been running for a couple years, have multi-channel complexities, and/or are in need of advanced analysis and guidance, a Growth Plan moves you toward ecommerce sophistication:

An Omnichannel Ecommerce Strategy detailing your unique business opportunities across AOV, Conversions, Returns, Fulfillment, Customer Profiles, Product Mix, Marketing, Customer Care, Profitability/Finance and Technology.

12 months of Ecommerce Management & Advisory from our expert Ecommerce Consultants where we'll work with you on your growth projects.

Investment: From $4,800 first month, then from $2,500/mo thereafter.

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Theme Web Development

Make changes to your code. We design and implement UX and web development code updates to meet the latest customer needs and new Shopify features.

We provide either ad hoc projects via a custom quote or can provide a monthly bucket of hours to do ongoing code updates.

From $2,000 for Ad-hoc Code Projects or $1,500+/mo for ongoing Code Updates

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Shopify Build & Upgrade

We'll build out a new Shopify site or upgrade you to a new Premium Shopify Theme design. This is a turn-key ecommerce site with a post-launch success plan to build your ecommerce momentum.

With Shopify's NEW OS2.0 Design framework, there's no need for separate content sites (e.g. WordPress) anymore as blog content can be natively built in Shopify.

From $7,500 for a Shopify Build/Upgrade and $1,500/mo Success Plan (6 months)

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Conversion Rate Optimization

A deep dive into the analytics of your theme, metrics, apps, UX and cart-to-checkout flow to uncover blockers and opportunities.

Get a prioritized project plan followed by the implementation of these projects over 12 months to optimize your conversion rate.

From $5,000 for a Conversion Audit Analysis and $2,500+/mo to implement projects over 12 months

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The bulk of our retailers are B2C or D2C, although some of them have B2B components to their business. We broadly work across CPG, Home, Wellness, and Apparel industries.

Yes! We work with funded startups or small businesses that have a clear business plan. We're comfortable building ecommerce from scratch.

Yes, we have lots of experience working larger brands (even some in the $500m range), especially understanding the needs of ERPs, 3PLs, high SKU counts, enterprise technology, multi-locations, and physical stores. Our larger client work is confidential - if this interests you, reach out here.

If it's a fit for us, yes! We've done novel projects that inject ecommerce into non-traditional ecom environments and well as proof of concept work, although these projects require bigger budgets to be successful. Reach out to us here for custom projects.

We're based in Victoria, BC, Canada and provide ecommerce solutions for businesses selling in Canada, the US and internationally.

Raving Fans


Migrated to a new Shopify theme and Akomi handled all the details. We saw a 300% jump in sales for our first week of launch!




Data driven, great leadership, and easily handled multiple complex ecom projects.




Listens to smart people and puts points on the board.


Former CEO,


Growth for years! Every business can benefit from ecommerce guidance.




Top notch ecommerce strategy and advisory. Built out a highly effective team.




Such a gem to work with. Flipped our site 2 weeks before Black Friday to help our product launch.