Ecommerce Mastery Program

akomi Ecommerce Mastery Program

Ecommerce Mastery Program

$5,100/mo (12-month term)

Get Ecommerce Mastery

The Ecommerce Mastery Program is a powerful system of discipline for 12-months that's all inclusive of your ecommerce operations.

Why 12-months? Retail is seasonal and the customer journey evolves quickly. Ecommerce Mastery takes time and patience to experiment, test, adapt, retest and ultimately grow. As your Ecommerce Expert, we lead this disciplined practice to build incremental and powerful momentum.

Successful businesses recognize the power of incremental gains, compounded over time. Ecommerce Mastery is our disciplined practice of day-by-day incremental actions to build growth momentum.

This daily practice is how we build Ecommerce Mastery.

Ecommerce Mastery Program
Ecommerce Operations
$4,100/mo value
Ecommerce Optimization
$3,600/mo value
Homepage Campaign Updates Shopify App Management
Product Management Advanced Data Insights
Photography Edits/Formatting Segmented Mobile and Desktop Analysis
Product Merchandising Loyalty Program Management
Category Page Management Cross-sell/Upsell Strategies
Customized Weekly Sales Report Landing Page Builds
Weekly or Bi-weekly 1hr Status Meeting Conversion Rate Optimization
Monthly 1hr Strategy Session On-Page SEO
Ecommerce Technical Care
$2,600/mo value
$10,000 value
3rd Party Integration Support 50% Off Site Build/Upgrade
Technical Maintenance & Support Site Audit INCLUDED
URL Redirect and Domain Management
Management of Developers
Ecommerce Mastery Program
$5,100 / month
12-month term
Get Ecommerce Mastery
Over $11,100/mo in Value!
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