Our Story

Hey there

We're Joel and Heather - life partners and former retailers. We've spent 10+ years working within retailers on their ecommerce. We bring this understanding of day-to-day ecommerce operations to everything that we do - and this experience sets us apart!

Akomi is an ecommerce agency, specialized and ENTIRELY focused on ecommerce. We don't do marketing, branding, or digital ads. We focus on the journey point where traffic hits your site and how in converts into customers. We focus on growth.

Joel is an ecommerce expert



Heather is an ecommerce expert

Our Team

We work with a team of TALENTED ecommerce folks. Everyone that works with us has experience working for retailers, and it's this perspective that elevates us to deliver exceptional growth.

Tom - Creative

Joel and Tom worked together at retailer Kit & Ace when Tom lead the creative and art direction for ecom and campaigns. Tom is an exceptional UX, graphic, and packaging designer and leads design work for Akomi.

Maria - Tech

Maria leads all code development and technical oversight for Akomi projects and hails from the retailer Viberg boots. Maria is an expert in the technical wizardry of Shopify.

Miles - Photos

Miles leads photography art direction and styling for Akomi, hailing from retailer Lululemon. Miles is an exceptional lifestyle and studio photographer who can make almost anything look cool.

Services & Pricing

Learn about our core ecommerce services and how we work with retailers on their ecommerce journey.