WordPress to Shopify Migration

GrowOya is changing the world through sustainable gardening using the time-honoured method of Oya's, a simple way to conserve water and grow better gardens. GrowOya was on a a hybrid platform of WordPress and Shopify. With Shopify's new OS2.0, we were are able to migrate their entire content and shopping experience into Shopify for a seamless ecommerce experience.

The week of the relaunch, sales went up 300%, with a 50/50 split between mobile and desktop orders, a testament to the speedy and improved mobile experience.

Videos & 3D Models

In addition to the Shopify Theme upgrade, we developed an explainer video and 3D product model to quickly explain what the product was and how it worked. Our ongoing work with GrowOya focuses on increasing conversion.


Handled all the details of our new Shopify launch. Sales jumped 300% in the week after launch.



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